Ancient L.A.
“A remarkable gift to a city that has mystified and confounded writers for more than a century, Ancient L.A. is a delight. Well written and scholastically exact, its evocation of the origins of Los Angeles is really masterful. This is a wonderful book!” –Dr. Kevin Starr, Former State Librarian of California

Progressive L.A.
Progressive L.A. reveals Los Angeles’ early Twentieth Century planning achievements and their subsequent sabotage. The first chapter uncovers Echo Park’s betrayal. The second tells the oil and water tale of Temple-Beaudry. The third, snakes through the San Fernando Valley unmasking the trolley-destroying moneymen behind the sprawling State Highway system.

Echo Park Rhythm Section Series
Echo Park Rhythm Section; Echo Park—CLOSED; Echo Park—FOR SALE; Echo Park—SOLD

Selected Works

Indigenous roots of Los Angeles’ layout, center, commercial corridors and the buildings that line them.
L.A.’s planning achievement, its sabotage, how it was done, who did it and why.
Although paved over, L.A.’s spirit remains. Visions rise from the asphalt guiding vegetarian musicians like Marc, an Angelino Heights rare bookseller who rides a bike and packs gourmet lunches for his over-worked wife. What happens when he lands a holiday gig at downtown’s most exclusive (meat-eating) haunt?

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